Simple Plain Porridge

Porridge is a food that can be eaten at any time of the day. To millions of Chinese, porridge is as important as eating rice.  When we eat plain porridge, it is normally served together with either sweet peanuts, salted egg, salted dried fish, pickled lettuce or century egg. There are also other variation of Chinese porridge. The commonly types available in food stalls are chicken porridge, fish porridge, pork porridge, century egg porridge and peanut porridge.  I think one of the reason why popular is so popular among the Chinese is that it is a light meal that is easy to prepare, eat and nutritious. In fact many people who are sick, especially the old folks prefer to eat porridge rather than rice.


Simple Porridge or Congee


When I prepare porridge, I will use Thailand white fragrance rice and wash the rice thoroughly in water. I will stir the grains with my hands until the water turns murky white in color and will rinse the water away. When the uncooked rice has been thoroughly clean, I will add water into the rice cooker pot. I use the Japanese rice cooker with a porridge function. It is very easy to use as the rice cooker is programmed to cook porridge or rice congee without any fuss. You can of course prepare porridge using the traditional stove pot or slow cooker, but you need to check on the progress to ensure that it is cook properly. There is no perfect way to cook porridge and you can actually change the texture of the porridge by the amount of water that you add ( start with less and you can later add more if you want ) and the time duration. Anyway, you simply experiment it until you get the ideal porridge that you think is right for you.

Sometimes I enjoy eating porridge with a plate of sardine, fried onion eggs and Chinese bread stick called youtiao ( you char kway). Porridge can also be a very nutritious meal for the sick and weak. I would recommend cooking porridge with mushrooms, ginger slices and chicken or fish porridge with slices of fresh fish, ginger and mushrooms. I have also seen  porridge cook with ginseng and chicken for those who needs vitality and strength.