Get Rid of TV Addiction

Many people nowadays are spending more time watching television. With cable networks, there are hundreds of programs, movies, reality TV, music videos, etc etc that a person can watch every week. In fact with this unlimited choice of programs, there are hardly enough time to watch them all. Many parents complained that their children watch too much television nowadays. Sometimes kids or even adults will spend considerable time watching television that it becomes seemingly addictive in nature. Surveys conducted have found that the average person watch about 4 hours of TV everyday. So how do we get rid of this bad behavior of watching mindless TV programs on the tube?



First of all, we need to choose our programs on TV carefully. This involves planning your schedules with the help of a TV guide. Choose the particular programs that you want to watch and not mindlessly switching channels on the TV. Once you have selected a particular TV program, enjoy the watching it, and thereafter turn off the TV immediately thereafter. So you need to plan and monitor your TV schedules and programs on a daily basis. Doing this involves lots of discipline and it will definitely cut the amount of hours per week watching TV.

Secondly, take time off every day to engage in some form of physical activity. It can be a walk in the park, a ball game, an organized outdoor activity with friends or simply engaging in other hobbies. This will help to focus the mind and body on physical task or exercise and reinforce the right values of time and priority. For example if a person is overweight, he could make a commitment to go for a walk in the park and work out his body for 45 minutes before he is allowed to watch TV. So discipline and commitment is essential.

There is a direct link between obesity and watching TV. Many people who are obese spend hours sitting on the couch watching TV. Watching TV is a passive activity. So eating your favorite snacks while watching TV is a natural thing to do, both of these activities compliment each other perfectly. Many TV addicts find it hard to resist watching TV while in their living or bedroom. So the best way is to get themselves out of the rooms where there is TV to a place where there is no TV. I know a friend who took a part time job so that he could get rid of his TV addiction. Frankly I think it is a smart move. Not only is he getting rid of his TV addiction, he is also putting more money into his bank account every month. He told me that he is now more engaged physically and mentally with people, responsibilities and the real world. So for adults who have TV addiction, you could follow his method.