Bathroom Vanity Basins

Nowadays I notice that the vanity basins found in many new hotels are the above the counter type. Perhaps this type of bathroom vanity basin is gaining popularity because of its attractive design and layout. Of course there are still the traditional semi recessed or drop in type basins around which are equally attractive as well. Many of the basins that I see are pure white in color and this gives the impression of cleanliness and it contrast the dark or black vanity top beautifully.

My preferred choice of a vanity basin should be one that is round in shape, spacious in size and with a easy to use tap.  When choosing a vanity basin, make sure that it is durable and easy to clean. Try to choose a basin that is stain resistant and requires low maintenance. There are now basins that are made from stone composite materials; which has the natural beauty look. The size of the basin is actually limited by the size of the vanity top, which again depends on the size of the bathroom. If you have a spacious bathroom, then you have the luxury of having a spacious top and a large vanity basin.


Bathroom Vanity Basin


The next important item is the choice of tap for the vanity basin. I feel that the choice of tap is a very personal thing. Choosing a tap is almost like going to a clothing store to choose your personal outfit. You can ask anyone – be it your wife/husband. parents, kids or anyone sharing the home with you about the choice of taps; and you will get a different answers and selections. Each of us have our own personal liking for a particular tap for our basin. But irregardless of shapes or designs of the taps, it is important to choose a quality tap. The tap must be easy to use and be able to accommodate the water pressure in your home. Everyone hates a tap that leaks, even it is a single drop of water – so even if you have to pay a little more for a quality tap, just do it. Taps that are made in Europe are more expensive than from China. But I really love some of the European brand taps. as they are of good quality and really beautiful design.

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