Mulberry Jam

There are so many variety of jams in the market. Most common types of jams are Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Raspberry, Black current,  Traditional Kaya and so on. Normally I will buy different types of jams each month; but I will always have the peanut butter and tradtional kaya jams in my fridge. These 2 types of jams are what I describe as ‘core’ or essential jams that I must have.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Mulberry jam being sold in a health exhibition and I bought it straight away. It is hard to find Mulberry jam being sold in even large supermarkets or even bakery stores.

The sales staff who sold this Mulberry jam told me that the Mulberry jam  is from Taiwan He has made a Mulberry drink from the jam and it taste very delicious. The taste is somewhat similar to Ribena drink. The selling price for one glass jar of Mulberry jam is RM29 which is quite close to US$9.50 for a net weight of 600gm. It is quite expensive for a fruit jam but it is worth the price. Once the glass jar is open, the jam needs to be stored in the refrigerator. I told the staff at the booth that they should look into selling this jam through supermarkets and bread chain stores.  The price of this jam should also be lower by 20% so that more consumers can afford to buy this jam.



Mulberry is used in Chinese medicine as a tonic for the blood. The Mulberry fruit is good for the treatment of weakness, fatigue, anemia, and act as a tonic to nourish the blood.  I understand from my friend that Mulberry fruit is good for the maintenance of healthy hairs and it contains of Vitamin C and minerals. After eating Mulberry jams,  my appetite has improved tremendously; and I feel more energetic too. So this is one jam that I like to stock up in my fridge everyday but the problem is of course the difficulty in getting it, as it is not commonly available in major supermarkets.

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