My First Post – About Life

This is my first post on my new site – beginningless.comĀ  Frankly I haven’t really thought what main topics I would like to post on this site. My interests in life is about health, food, internet marketing, money, and travel. So I will be writing on these these topics most of the time. But I will also post anything that is interesting; and I take a slow and leisure view on how this site is going to grow.

I can see that lots of people are quite stressed out nowadays. When I sit and chat with my friends, inevitably the topic of money, rising cost of living, stress in workplace, family life and health are normally the topics of discussion. Money will always be a pressing issue with most of us. For those who has lost their jobs, the lack of money will create a major crisis in the family. During the last few years, I have seen so many of my ex-colleagues, friends and acquaintances being retrenched or conveniently removed from their jobs by their companies. What followed after losing their jobs is the lost of confidence in themselves; and at times the feeling of guilty and unworthiness. Luckily, quite of number of them who were jobless are able to secure an alternative employment after job hunting for a few months. Most of them could not get back their previous job status or match the level of their last drawn pay. So if a person is getting say 40% less in pay compared to his previous job, then he must budget and live within his budget and expectations. On a longer term, he could plan and see whether he could move up the corporate ladder again; or look for a job with better pay and benefits.

Support from our family members and friends are important when we are facing a crisis in life. So it is important to keep them close especially during good times, when we have a tendency to forget or neglect our family and friends. I remember clearly a ex-colleague ( called him B ) of mine who had lost his job and have 3 young kids and a wife. His desperate search for job for the next 2 months was fruitless. Eventually he got a job through a mutual ex-colleague whom had moved on to a new company. B was able to get an immediate offer of a job because he was nice and helpful to my ex-colleague when they were working together previously. So the moral lesson here is – We will be rewarded in the future when we are nice and respectful to people around us.

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