Chinese Seafood Claypot

I enjoy eating Chinese Seafood claypot for dinner as it is a wholesome and delicious meal. Food that is cook using clay-pot taste better as it requires very little oil and the flavor of the food is seal inside the clay pot. Remember to soak the clay pot in water for about one hour before you start using it to prevent it from cracking during cooking. To wash up the clay pot, there is no need to use any liquid detergent, just scrub some salt  on the clay pot, rinse it and then soak it in hot water. Thereafter, make sure you let it dry before storing it away – this is to prevent mold from growing in the clay pot.

Now back to the Chinese Seafood clay pot – it is an easy food to prepare for the family. The ingredients that you want to add is totally flexible. I will give you my style of cooking Chinese Seafood clay pot. You can serve 5 to 6  persons which makes it a family dinner meal. You need to use a large size clay pot for this recipe.


Chinese Seafood Claypot



1)  16 large prawns, removed the shelled and de-veined.

2)  200 grams of broccoli – wash and sliced.

3)  12 button mushroom – sliced halved.

4)  10 dried mushroom – soak in water to soften.

5)  8 pieces of black fungus – wash and cut into halve

6)  carrots, snow peas, Chinese cabbage – just add in accordance to preference.

7)  200 gm of chicken meat – sliced into pieces

8)  ginger slices, chopped garlic and chopped spring onions.

9) 2 tablespoon Chinese rice wine and 1 or 2 tablespoon corn starch

10)  pepper, light and dark soy sauce and sesame oil.

1.  Season the chicken pieces with light soy sauce and small amount of pepper and let it marinate.

2.  Put some cooking oil in the clay pot and put in the ginger, chopped garlic, chopped spring onions – saute it till it is fragrant.

3.  Put in the marinate chicken and some rice wine and stir fry it for 1 to 2 minutes.

4.  Add in the rest of the ingredients – that is prawns, vegetables and mushrooms, toss and stir fry briefly.

5.  Pour in the chicken broth or just plain water and let it boil for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once it is boiling you can add the corn starch to make the broth thicken.

6.  Add some light soy sauce and pepper. If you want the broth to look darker, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of dark soy sauce.

7.  If you do not want your prawns to be overcooked. you could put in the prawns after the broth starts to boil – so that it is cooked for about 5 minutes.

8.  Add in one or 2 drop of sesame oil and it is ready to serve.

Try this recipe out and you can later improved upon it based your taste and preferences. Some people like to add slices of fish meat and squids, while others prefer more vegetables – the choice is yours. I am very sure that you will enjoy eating this meal as it is very delicious and nutritious; and you can taste that the flavors of this food is being locked in by the clay pot.


Chinese Seafood Claypot