Lion Statues for Protection

I attended a house warming party of a close friend who has just moved in into his new semi-detached home in Malaysia. It is a beautiful two storey house with a beautiful manicure garden in the front and back of the house. Houses in Malaysia are very affordable as compared to the landed properties in Singapore. But for foreigners who wish to buy a property in Malaysia, they are only allowed to buy a property with price of at least RM500,000. Even with this restriction, the prices of property is still very affordable in Malaysia.  A brand new house has the feeling of clean, bright and youthful look, that is what I liked of newly built houses and condominiums.

My friend told me that he will be putting two lion statues in front of his house ( at the gate) or in addition another pair right outside the wide main door of his home. He is still shopping for the right pair of lions suitable for his home. At that time, his sister in law interrupted and she felt that putting a pair of lion statues looks so lame and old fashioned. His sister in law being a staunch christian do not believe about the old traditional Chinese beliefs of the lion statues and she felt that such a belief is nonsensical.


Lion Statues - For Good Luck and Protection


I told his sister in law that the lion statues is a symbol of power, good luck and a good protector. Whether any person believe in it or not, it does not matter. What matters is the owner of the house or building who feel good about having a pair of lions in their premises. I told her that if she felt that this is mere superstitious, then tell it to the HSBC bank. Asked why a giant global bank like HSBC bank insists of putting a pair of old fashioned lion statues in their HQ building? She could also posed this question to many successful companies in Asia which placed a pair of lion statues outside their spanking new buildings. A pair of lion statues represents power and prestige, period. The Chinese belief that a pair of lion statues serve as a protector against evil spirits is real. I jokingly told her that if her home is being infested with evil spirit one day and her pastors and church members are unable to help to get rid of it, then get a pair of fierce lion statues and get it blessed it by a good monk – then put it in her home. She can then see first hand the mystical power of the lions in getting rid of the evil spirits and bringing peace to her home.

I firmly believe that what we do not believe or do not know, we should not judge or ridicule. Anyway my friend had ignored his sister in law and will proceed with his plan to place the pair of lion statues in his home. I always felt that if you are down and out of luck for months or years and is unable to get out of it, you should try a different approach to alleviate this problem. Yes, we all know that we need to work hard, work smart and being discipline ( no excessive gambling, drinking, etc ) . But there are times when all that we have done right, including daily prayers have not help – that is when need additional effort to boost our luck. Never under estimate the mystical power of lion statues. You can see many lion statues in many tall buildings and beautiful homes in Asia, it is placed there for a reason and it works.

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