Making Money from Online Surveys

Someone send me a email and asked me whether you can make money from doing online surveys. I would liked to share my experience about online surveys in this blog. Many people are wary about online surveys and see them as nothing but scams. If you do a search on this topic, you will find many websites offering attractive payments for online surveys. Most of these websites would asked you to pay a membership fee or a joining fee first before you are given surveys. They claimed that their members had earned hundreds of dollars just working few hours each day taking part in surveys. Please beware and avoid such websites – because they are basically scams.

Can you actually make money from online surveys? The answer is Yes. There are legitimate survey companies that actually pay you for taking part in their online surveys. But please take note that it is quite time consuming and the money earned is not much. You may have to take about 20 surveys or more just to receive US$50. In each survey that you are going to participate, the survey company will inform you of the number of points or the value in terms of dollars on this survey; and also the approximate time needed to complete the survey. Once you have completed the survey, the survey companies may take a few days to verify the information in the survey that you have taken. If the information are valid and correct, they will credit the points or dollars into your account. There is a minimum cash out value or points that you need to achieve before you can cash out.  You will receive your money the following methods – 1) by cheque through post to your mailing address 2) through your Paypal account 3) direct credit into your bank account and other methods stipulated by these companies.

There are two survey companies which I have personally participated. They are free to join and are legitimate survey companies.

For Globaltestmarket, I have joined this survey company for about 2 years now, and have been receiving quite a number of cheques by mail to my home. It takes about 2 months to receive the money if you are staying in Asia. For every 1000 points that you have, you can convert it into US$50. Don’t worry about the currency conversion rate, so if you are staying in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, they will convert it into the local currencies for you. As for Surveyhead, I have not cash out yet as I have yet to reach the minimum cash out sum. I would say that I received many surveys from Globaltestmarket on a monthly basis but very few surveys from Surveyhead.

There are other legitimate companies as well in the market. Remember if a survey company request payment from you before they allow you to join them, just skip and ignore such companies. Legitimate survey companies are definitely free to join but you have to be patient for them to send surveys to you via email. Taking part in surveys is definitely not going to make you rich and it is not a good full time home business model. It does give you some fun, the opportunity to provide feedback on products and services and some pocket money to buy something nice for yourself.