Skechers Shape Ups Trainer Shoes

I bought another pair of shoes from Skechers and it is the Skechers Shape Ups Trainer Shoes. I bought my first pair of Skechers shoes early this year which is a Tone-Ups shoes and I liked it. Looking at the 2 different pair of shoes in my home – the Tone-Ups and Shape-Ups, I don’t really see the difference visually. But when I wear it, the Shape-Ups shoes has thicker pads in sole and that makes it more comfortable. If you are interested in reading more about the Tone-Ups Trainer shoes on my previous blog, the link is below –

Skechers Tone-Ups Trainer Shoes Review



The thing I liked about Skechers shoes is that it is very comfortable – as the thick pads on the sole protects my feet against impact from the ground. I can stand and walk for a longer period of time without feeling stress on my feet and legs. And the prices for these shoes are reasonable – costing an average of US$100/- per pair depending on models. My exercise routine each week is basically brisk walking for 5 km and some weight lifting. So far the Skechers shoes that I having been wearing serve me well on these 2 activities.


The sole of the Skechers Shape-Up Trainer Shoes is curve.


Does the Skechers shoes really help in burning more calories and losing the extra weight? I don’t think so. Does it help in toning up my muscles as I walked and strengthen my feet and legs? I am quite skeptical about this too. My reason is this – even if you wear any pair of shoes, you can lose weight if you are discipline in your diet and perform daily exercise. I have seen some people brisk walking without shoes and they seems to enjoy it. The reason why I bought Skechers shoes is that it is very comfortable to wear and it does help me to go about performing my daily routine activities in comfort. Besides, I liked their design as well.



One thing to note about the Skechers Shape Ups Trainer shoes is that the sole is not flat. It takes some time to get use to walking in this pair of shoes. Some people find this instability on the shoes rather uncomfortable. But most people will get used to it after a few days.  It is just liked learning how to walk in a new way and after a while, it is easy to do brisk walking or running even with this in built instability pods on the shoes.