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Sliced Fish Curry

When I asked my friend whether she would liked to join me to have a meal – the main course would be the Sliced Fish Curry, my friend have the impression that we would be going to an Indian restaurant. It is a common impression that Indians cook the best curry dish and generally I have to agree to it. I told her that we are going to a Chinese restaurant to try out the Sliced Fish in Curry gravy. Many Chinese restaurants who offer curry dishes in their menu would make it less spicy and hot. The most common curry dishes in the menu would be – curry fish head, curry chicken, curry beef and curry mixed vegetables.


Sliced Fish Curry


I ordered this Sliced Fish Curry when I was in a Malaysia and the taste was really good. The sliced fish and vegetables that goes into the curry was very fresh and the curry gravy was thick and not too spicy and hot. I am thinking that I want to try cooking this curry dish at home. Nowadays I could buy read mixed curry paste from the local supermarket. All you need to do is to add water and coconut milk to the ready mixed curry mixture. Then you add in all your ingredients liked sliced fish and vegetables. I enjoy eating curry especially during the cold weather months or raining day as this meal will keep my body warm. Besides that, eating curry is also beneficial to health – as tumeric which belongs to the ginger family and used in the making of curry has antioxidant properties. It helps to prevent cancer and gives relief to the inflammation of joints.


Sliced Fish Curry. Add vegetables and potatoes for great tasting Curry dish.


My friend told me that the Sliced Fish Curry tasted very good and she would tried to cook it at home. The cost of this Sliced Fish Curry was US$8 for a serving of 2 persons – very reasonable in price. I think what makes it stand out is the fresh fish and vegetables – well cooked but not overcooked and the thick curry gravy. If you are going to try preparing this dish, remember not to overcooked the fish; otherwise the sliced fish would taste hard and dry. Adding in potatoes and lady fingers can make the Sliced Fish Curry taste better.