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Car with Naruto Anime Paintwork

I was in a shopping mall in Johor Bahru Malaysia; and saw a car with a beautiful paintwork of the Japanese manga character Naruto. The Naruto character was beautifully done on this car and indeed it attracted the attention of many shoppers including myself. For those who have no idea who is Naruto, it is a Japanese manga character created by Masashi Kisimoto. It is one of the best selling manga in Japan and was adapted into anime.

The interior of the car was also well decorated and it looked cool. My friend commented that the overall feel of this car is too overwhelming and loud – and he would not want to own such a car. Well, we all have different views and taste – so long as we are happy with it, then all is good. I do not know how much money it cost for the owner to transform this ordinary car into a Naruto painted car with a flashy interior cabin. But I am sure he is happy with it and it is worth all the time and money. Here are the photographs that I took on this car; plus photos of another sport car – so enjoy the artwork of Naruto’s car.